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November 2021

What Makes A Modern Kitchen?

2021-11-30T18:35:38+00:00TWK Blog|

  Modern kitchens are the peak of sleek and sophisticated kitchen design. Kitchens with a modern design are blank slates, which is why they are such a selling factor for homes. Depending on your personal style, it’s simple to take your kitchen from modern to transitional and back again just by changing accents or hardware.

Is Custom Cabinetry Worth The Price? Our Pros & Cons

2021-11-23T18:39:42+00:00TWK Blog|

At the Wright Kitchen, our team designs custom cabinetry that is unique to each home that we renovate. Each section is put together with functionality, space, and aesthetics in mind. When it comes to kitchen renovation, there are many different options for your space, each with its own list of advantages. We’ve broken down why we love custom cabinetry for our clients, and some of the things that can be a little bit more challenging.

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Design Tips for a Successful Kitchen Renovation

2020-06-08T15:14:24+00:00TWK Blog|

1.Set your budget and know what you are getting in to. Like most renovations, kitchens can get out of hand if you don’t do your homework up front. Make sure you have a solid understanding of costs related to the tear out and removal of your existing kitchen, plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, flooring, lighting, appliances,