So you are about to rip apart your home and renovate your kitchen. You want to make this space fresh, exciting and inviting. You start thinking of a new layout, taking out walls, changing the flooring and lighting and maybe putting in a big island where your friends can gather. What can you do that will be different from every other kitchen and make your space special. Here’s an idea…get rid of your upper cabinets all together! And don’t let them back in your house.
Removing upper cabinets in your kitchen can be like a cleanse, a breath of fresh air, a new start without any old baggage. The truth is, upper cabinets are overrated. They are intrusive, hard to reach, they can block sight lines and make your space feel smaller. With quantum leap advancements in drawer boxes, drawer glides and storage systems, upper cabinets are a thing of the past. Emptying the dishwasher has never been easier…no more deadlifts with the plates, glasses and platters that you used to store way up by your ceiling. Integrate more useful storage below the counter and your space will open up, breathe better and create a more natural flow with the surrounding rooms, making entertaining and living in your kitchen more pleasurable.