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Window Glass Repair

Businesses and homeowners alike stress when determining whether it is time to repair or place glass windows. You may opt to restore slightly scratched or scuffed glass instead of purchasing a new window to save money.

Situations involving old or outdated glass panes tend to go beyond the limitations of even the best window glass repair technician. Minor cracks or hairline fractures within a window aren’t significant enough to justify replacing the entire glass pane under most circumstances.

Unscratch the Surface provides residential and commercial glass restoration, resurfacing, and replacement services that will blow your mind. Financial budgeting is a priority, but saving money has become more critical in the current economic environment. Our glass restoration consulting experts understand how overwhelming replacement and repair decisions cause stress and anxiety.

Fuzzy, unclear glass windows don’t necessarily need replacing to make them crystal clear and bright. Unscratch the Surface uses resurfacing technology to remove haze and distortion from commercial and residential glass windows.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Window Glass Panes.

Old glass windows not up to par with Energy Star standards may need replacing to achieve lower energy bills. Single pane glass windows are outdated when compared to double-pane or glazed glass alternatives.

Opting to replace low-quality glass with premium substitutions is an investment that will quickly provide a significant return on investment. Glass panes with large cracks or deep crevices need replacing to prevent accidents and eliminate air leaks.

While Unscratch the Surface commits to offering residential and commercial glass polishing and resurfacing, some glass windows exceed beyond repair dimensions. A broken single pane glass window could result in unpredicted benefits by upgrading to superior glass panes or tempered glass windows. The tech crew at Unscratch the Surface uses environmentally safe glass restoration products to remove saltwater etching’s appearance to accommodate clients in proximity to the coast.

Signs it’s Time to Restore Your Glass Windows.

Unscratch the Surface dispatches inspection experts to determine the best course to serve your needs. Site inspectors perform multi-point checklists to review whether repairs or replacements best suit your needs.

Our staff will restore the damage caused by hard-water exposure and clear up a distorted glass with swirls or hazy patches. The technicians working for Unscratch the Surface have seasoned experience restoring tempered glass damaged by welding or grinding metal manufacturing.

Consider running your finger across scratched or cracked glass to determine its texture. Rough or sharp textured scratches or cracks still have the potential for restoration, but several factors influence the situation. If you touch a scratch glass that feels smooth, the glass window is a prime candidate for resurfacing and restoration services.

Professional Glass Restoration and Premier Window Glass Repair

Unscratch the Surface presents professional glass restoration consulting services, in addition to tempered glass resurfacing and repair assistance. If you still aren’t sure whether to replace or restore a glass window, reach out to Unscratch the Surface for flawless glass refinishing. Please dial 805-295-9020 to speak with a customer support representative to schedule a consultation or service appointment with Unscratch the Surface’s experts.  

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Window Glass Repair

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